The Gomez Girls: Tamara Zito

the gomez girls

It’s official. The Gomez Girls are AATRAS.

The new and debut novel/ebook The Gomez Girls by Tamara Zito was released last week and we are hooked.

The Gomez Girls follows a blogger called Jess Bingle and with a name like that there has to be a collision of sorts.

Jess Bingle is a thirty something unhappily married loner who finds is unheard in life but suddenly heard in the blogesphere.

Her blog the Gomez Girls touches women around the world who are in unhappy marriages, relationships or situations.

They unite through her blog and find strength to make new starts or repair their relationships or at least find peace within themselves.

Tamara Zito the author started the book over ten years ago. Β “I began and wrote the outline probably around twelve years ago, left it and went back constantly adding and revising it. at one point I don’t think I even looked at it for five years until I committed myself to it last year after quitting Facebook and other social media to put the focus on the Gomez Girls as I didn’t want another ten years to go by.”


The Gomez Girls has a specific logo that has meaning. Β A skull with a weed growing out of it and a key splattered in blood. Β You must read to see the full meaning behind this as it is quite a common topic in today’s society. Β The name Gomez Girls also has a quirky meaning behind it.

All round Tamara Zito’s the Gomez Girls is a great concept with a dip into drugs, love, divorce and more.

Read until the end, the second half definitely picks up speed as Jess Bingle grows.

There is an interview with the author at the blog Tamzen Temple which shares links of social handles and gives more insight to the story.

You can buy The Gomez Girls from AMAZON today.